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Leaving FS
By Desstinii, Mar 30, 14 3:05 PM

For those of you who have not heard, several of our members, Stiffy, myself, and Syre have left FS and moved on to MEND. Anyone who is looking to join us you will need to go to

and place an application in. Just m... Read More

Sureshot Leads IoJ WVW Into a Huge Assault Against Dragonbrand
By Bruticus, Nov 29, 13 5:22 AM

For those of you who know me you know I haven't put my commander tag up in quite awhile. Well since realizing that the IoJ server lost alot of peeps and commanders I decided it was time for me to step up again. On 11/29/13 I was in DB BL and noticed there were a few others there as well. After 5 IoJ... Read More

Guild Missions and Events
By Desstinii, Sep 16, 13 12:32 AM

Tonight we ran our first guild bounty training run. It was a good try for our first run and I want to thank those who came out to participate. We also had done our first Hide N Go Seek run and we think it was a success. Congrats to Lux, Binka, and Zyeloan for winning the gold pot and good luck to ev... Read More

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Fatal Souls was was originally created for Guild Wars. 7 years ago Bruticus Fatalfury, Desstinii Soulsaver, and Azriel Lionheart created this guild to have a place where family and friends could meet to enjoy the game content of  Guild Wars together. This PVX guild has triumphed in many battles and has successfully beaten Guild Wars. We now look towards Guild Wars 2 in an attempt to continue that legacy.  The guild was built on values such as friendship, family, and fairness and our members still believe in, and carry, those values with them today.

This guild's vision was founded on the idea that we could accomplish great things together, while having fun. The guild still stands strong today and is currently progressing through Guild Wars 2. Our guild believes in grouping with fellow guild mates, helping each other progress through the game, and experiencing new things together.
Our guild has begun to grow and we are currently recruiting new members. We are looking for players who share the same values, and vision, that we have. If this sounds like you, and you are interested in being apart of our family, then please check out our Charter page.
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